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"Honestly the worst part was the packing."

 -most of our clients


Packing services can vary by move, but can be customized however you'd like. Here's some common options:

Box Delivery

Not necessarily "packing" but it removes a bit of the work. We offer free box delivery upon request. You buy the boxes, we bring them to you.

Call (309)323-0080 for more info or to order a box delivery!

Partial Pack

Exactly what it sounds like. You pack some, we pack some. Typically we pack kitchens or China cabinets (the breakables).

Click "Request a Quote" or call our office to schedule!

Full Pack

Packing is a lot of work. This hands it off entirely. It does cost more (not as much as you'd imagine) but can be very worthwhile, especially if you're busy.

Click "Request a Quote" or call our office to schedule!

Want to learn how to make packing easier?

Who provides the boxes?

When you pack, you do (unless you ask otherwise)

You can request that we provide you with boxes

When we pack for you, we also provide the boxes! (ask us how to save money with used boxes!)



We will buy your used boxes off of you after you move is complete. 

How does insurance work for you packing vs. Moving Mountains packing?


Full coverage insurance can NOT be provided for boxes packed by you without our checking.

You can request us to take a look inside each box prior to placing it on the truck. We will either have you repack the box or be unable to insure it

Visit our packing guide for proper packing practices!


Full Coverage for all items we pack into boxes. 

Our crews are specially trained to create maximum protection for your items with a box. We have had no breakage when we pack the boxes. 

It is important to over protect items and use the proper packing supplies.

Ready to get Packed up?

Request a Free, no obligation quote for packing services today! Our process is seamless and easy, give us a call and find out!

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